December 03, 2009

Dec 03

Kelsey sent over her photos that she took at the Boston “Them Crooked Vultures” concert. Here’s a sample below. You can check them all out HERE. Thanks, Kelsey!

Just a little FYI, I have taken down our MySpace page for several reasons – the biggest being I don’t like MySpace and we’re not getting a lot of hits from it so I’d rather update you through Facebook or Twitter even though I detest Twitter as well. As much as it hurt me to open a Twitter account, I understand that it’s sort of the ‘it’ thing online these days and if it gets information from the website out there then I have to suck it up and go with it.

And of course, the biggest news we have going on right now is that our birthday book / contest is underway. Dave’s birthday is January 14, 2010. He’ll be 41 yrs old so get your birthday book contributions in! Here are a few suggestions that I neglected to put on the rules page:


  • Put your name on your entry.
  • Put your location / where you live. It’s nice to know where the contributions came from all over the world.
  • Please try not to send your contributions in on Microsoft Word documents. They will have to be converted to .jpg or .gif etc. to appear on the book. If you have trouble, I can help convert the files, but with over 100 entries last year and hopefully more this year it’s very much time consuming to fix all the entries on top of trying to think up what the hell I’m going to do for an entry. So your help is appreciated!!

Click on the banner below for the rules

Dave's Birthday Book & Contest Rules

I’m having some trouble with the RSS feed for the site so I’ll be working on that if you have subscribed.

I feel like I’m leaving something out, but I can’t remember what it might be. Hm. I’ll update if I remember.


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