December 12, 2006

Dec 12

Our good friend Megumi (who attended all three Foo shows in Japan this month) found a few photos of the guys. You can see them HERE.

HERE are a few photos from the KROQ Show the other night. Both of these will be logged in our photos section.

We’re starting on our 3rd year of working on an online Birthday Book for Dave. If you would like to contribute, send all your notes, photoshops, contributions to me at . Our deadline is January 12, 2007!!

Let me set a few rules here for your contributions. Please be respectful of Dave’s privacy and keep it to birthday wishes only. If you need a little better explanation, I gave one here at the Foo Fighters board. Don’t be a creepy person. :-p

If you need to see our past Birthday Books, you can check them out HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

And finally, have a look at THIS.


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