December 14, 2005

Dec 14

It’s exactly one month until Dave’s 37th birthday. We’re going to be hosting a “Happy Birthday, Dave” page here. Get your photoshop out and your birthday wishes to Dave all fixed up and e mail them to me at The only rule we have is that you keep them to Birthday wishes ONLY. Some of you people scare me quite frankly with the things you have sent in and we want to keep Dave in his happy place and not his ‘scared of you weirdo postboard-ers’ place. I guess we’ll put a deadline on entries to January 12, 2006.

You of course know our beautiful friend Megumi in Tokyo..officially the coolest girlie in Japan – and most recently she was seen hanging out backstage with Black Francis at the Pixies show (*dies of jealousy*). Megumi sent me a photo of Dave from Nirvana times from the new Crossbeat Magazine which I believe is only available in Japan. The magazine is a Nirvana tribute this time around. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you.. Prince….

Seriously though, click the photo to enlarge it.

Speaking of enlargements… um, have you checked out BB’s website because there’s some darn scary photoshopping going on over there too … *cough* Let me be the first to officially say “How you doin’???” to Dave. :-p

Ok, kiddies.. that’s it for me… get those birthday wishes in NOW, dammit.


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