February 02, 2005

Feb 02

I’ve been meaning to get this up for everyone, but I’m really restricted with time, so I apologize.

Megumi, who is officially THE coolest girl in Tokyo, has translated the Crossbeat Magazine Article from Japan for us all. It’s a great interview and gives us quite a bit of good information regarding the new Foo Fighters album. Read it, memorize it, worship it. Kiss it every morning when you wake up from new Foo Fighter album dreams. Hug it at night before you go to bed, kiddies.

Please, PLEASE for the love of God, tell Megumi how much you appreciate her doing this. She really is awesome and I love her and appreciate her and she’s just a gal who loves herself some Dave Grohl. (And simply wants a hug from him when he shows up in Tokyo, HINT HINT, DAVE)

CLICKY and enjoy!


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