February 05, 2009

Feb 05

If you’re an old fan like me, you remember how Dave used to call in to the Foo Fighters website and sometimes leave voicemails for us to listen to if he was out on the road or simply bored off of his ass at home. Ahh, those were the good old days.

Here’s one of those voicemails I’d like to share with you. This is “Christopher Walken” (played by Dave) interviewing …well…Dave. It’s basically Dave talking to himself. Good interview though! I can’t imagine it would be any different if he really were speaking to Christopher Walken.

It’s an MP3 and you have to download it so you audio freaks can put it on your iPod and walk around giggling to yourself while people play that new game, “Is that person crazy or is it just bluetooth?” (Personal joke)

Also, there’s a group of fans putting together a Birthday Book of sorts for Taylor Hawkins and I promised I would pimp it here. So if you’re interested in sending Taylor a birthday greeting, head over to read how and where to send it in. Deadline is Feb. 15 and his birthday is February 17.

Can I just say that I hate the winter. Especially in Boston. I’m miserable. I officially dislike snow.

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