February 26, 2005

Feb 26

Well, hello there. Did you miss us? I know, I know…I apologize. We meant to have the new place up and running but due to circumstances beyond our control (Startlogic.com is the worst hosting company ever!) we were down for a week because of these fools. I mean, when you buy a whole hosting package, you kind of assume that they include the ability to upload your files to the Internet, but apparently after a week of telling me that my account had no problem and should be working, they finally decided to let me know ‘oh by the way, you have to buy the extras just to upload your files’. Strange since none of the other hosting companies require this and/or it comes included. We switched again to dot5.com hosting and haven’t had one problem yet. The whole reason for the hosting switch was so that our new site (still working on coverting the files) could support some of the new features that we’re going for like our new forum and things like ‘shout boxes’, roll over features etc. It’s going to be a hot little site after we get it all together. It’s hard to just get it all done overnight since we all work, have lives to attend to and families and things like that.

Let’s not even factor in that I’ve been offline for about the last 5 days because I’ve been very sick with this flu that is going around and I don’t remember the last time I felt this bad. I am on the road to recovery however, and look forward to getting this fixed and showing it to you all.

If you haven’t been over to our new forum, please go on over and register and start posting there.

Again, thanks so much to our girl ‘Rival’ and her brother Scott for designing the forum, and for basically putting up with my whining, bitching ass about this site. They’ve done everything (new site design, etc.) out of the goodness of their hearts and never expected anything in return from me and I really do appreciate them more than I can express. I’m sure Rival has had enough of my little Instant Messages saying, “hey, I have another question about the site…”. I’m sure at some points she was ready to toss her computer out of the window.

Anyway, give us another week or so and we should have the new place going. We just didn’t want to be ‘offline’ any longer and believe me, I have a million e mails from all of you begging for us to get our shit together and get this place open. I don’t mind that at all though, because obviously it means we’ve done something right.

Thanks guys – keep checking back.

Much love,


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