Foo Fighters on Saturday Night Live & Birthday Book Details

Dec 17

Hopefully you had the opportunity on Saturday Night to catch the Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live on NBC.  If not, I have quite a few screen captures for you (see below after Birthday Book Information).

A few of you have written me about Birthday Book details and here are a few guidelines to follow when creating your entry:

  • **1** Put your name on it (Location is great too!)
  • **2** Keep is strictly to Dave. Any mentions of personal life/family etc. will not be included. Just think of how you would like to be greeted on your birthday.
  • **3** It’s nice to write just a note, but include your note on a photo that you took either with Dave or at a show or even a photo of yourself.
  • **4** Please try to ‘attach’ your note to the photo. When you don’t do this, that leaves it to me, and it’s a long process and unfortunately, my time is quite limited these days. If you leave that part to me, then I have the final say-so in the way that it’s presented.
  • **5** Try to keep the size to 800 x 600 / 600 x 800 or less.
  • **6** Please: jpg, .gif, .png only. Don’t create on pdf or Word/excel or paint documents and send that to me.
  • **7** Email me: for any other questions or to send your contribution in to me. Deadline for submitting birthday greetings is Jan. 12, 2018 at 6pm NYC time.

As promised:  Screen Captures from SNL:

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