Goats Yelling like Humans and of course, photos.

Mar 15

If you watched Dave’s Keynote Speech yesterday from South by Southwest, you will know that he mentioned googling “Goats yelling like humans” and apparently this is a ‘thing’ on the Internet at the moment that I just happened to miss, but eagerly googled after the keynote and it’s ….. AMAZING. Holy cow.

Well, thank you, Internet because I have something even better.  Ladies and Gentlemen, you will never, ever look at this Foo Fighters song the same way. You will always think of this when you hear the intro.  It’s ruined now.  Forever.  You’re welcome. I would like to present to you: Foo Fighters, Bridge Burning: Goat Edition

I dare you to look away! You can’t!  You have to play it over, and over.

Also, here are some photos from the Sound City Players at Stubbs in Austin, TX last night…and NO I wasn’t there. Please stop asking and rubbing it in.  🙁

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