Happy 47th Birthday, Dave!

Jan 14

Birthday BoyI’m not gonna lie…this was a tough book to put together…was it worth it? Well of COURSE it was…it’s Dave…and it’s his birthday…and we all want to hug him and thank him for an incredible year.  Dude broke his leg and kept going.  I stubbed my toe last night and thought ‘so this is how it ends…’

I don’t want to spend too much time writing out a bunch of stuff here, because I know that you want to get to the book, but I do want to thank the 200+ people from all over the world that took time to create a birthday wish for Dave. It’s very thoughtful of you. I certainly appreciate it & I’m sure that Dave does too. It’s been a tough couple of weeks in the world of music…let’s make today a very HAPPY birthday for Dave.  At any time today when you use Twitter make sure to add  ‘#HappyBirthdayDaveGrohl’ when you ‘tweet’ and let’s get that trending world-wide.

I do want to mention that the book is completely visual this year. I required everyone that contributed to do so by using some sort of photo or art design etc..  I know that in some cases it was a pain in the ass for you computer-challenged folks, but I think when you see the book, you’ll understand what I was going for.

I like to think that I have Dave’s birthday cornered – and just when you get comfortable and think ‘yeah, NO ONE can top this’, some students in Ethiopia bust out singing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ for Dave’s birthday and it’s all over the Internet and that’s all she wrote…. (make sure you watch the end!) So I will gladly celebrate their video… Ethiopia!!!!


So here we go… Dave’s Birthday Book for January 14, 2016.  Happy Birthday, sweet Dave.  You are loved beyond measure.  Have an amazing day!

Click on the gift / balloons below to read the Birthday Book:


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  • Linda Master

    Thank you for doing this 🙂 Great book.

  • Sarah Turrell

    Thank you – looks fantastic!

  • Brooke Sink Painter

    Love the book, Can’t believe I forgot to get my entry to you! Next year, next year!

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