Happy Birthday, Dave!

Jan 14

Happiest of birthdays to Dave!

Thank you, everyone…for taking the time to send in greetings for Dave. I’ve collected them all and will post the link below to the ‘Birthday Book’.

We have approximately 120 entries which I will consider successful because my free time this year has been quite limited, so I really relied on word of mouth so I appreciate your help to get all of this put together.

I will say that I had no idea that this ‘everyone wear a red flannel shirt just like Dave does’ theme among the fans existed, and now I have to go out to Land’s End or LL Bean or something to get one?  Wow.   You learn something new every day.

So once again, thanks everyone – and a special shout out to my former next door neighbor in Massachusetts who is the band director for the Chelmsford, MA high school band (Matt Sexauer) along with the band and their video greeting.  Matt says to let everyone know that he was the drummer in the video.  Some day I’d be happy to tell you all what it’s like to live next door to a high school band director who has quite the obsession for following the band ‘Phish’ around.

So without further ado, Happy Birthday Dave!  <—–Click the link to go to the birthday book


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