Jul 29

I want you to know that my absence here was not intentional.  In a nutshell, my website broke. Just broke. Didn’t give a damn that Dave was off playing on stage with the Rolling Stones or doing other really cool Dave things like appearing in Comedy Central’s new (and may I add HYSTERICAL) series “Drunk History”…. No, this website basically stuck its middle finger up to me and I had not a clue how to fix it. The problem? Photos could not be uploaded.  HELLO. Kind of important at this website!

Enter one cute Italian boy named Marco Fantin (who by the way runs the Foo Fighters Italian Fan club) who offered to look at the website for me and fixed it in a matter of 5 min… or even less.  I mean, it sat here online for over three months just staring at me and I couldn’t find anyone to fix the issue. Many tried (and I am quite thankful to all who offered, helped, looked at it etc.), but Marco changed a few settings, waved some sort of magical Internet wand and poof.  It works.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am to Marco for helping me out.  THANK YOU!!

So… life for me has been somewhat strange and difficult in the past year and while I’m still recovering from the worst case of shingles EVER RECORDED IN HISTORY and the nerve damage in my leg is quite permanent….*bummer*, I’m now at a point in my life where I kind of want to return to doing fun things and having fun and get out of this funk that this horrible thing has done to me….and so, I had moved home to Texas for a little bit – all the while thinking, “You should have listened to your mother and stayed in Boston and never left your amazing job”, but I didn’t listen.

Basically, I talked to my “old” boss in Boston and he offered me my old job back and said, “Just come back…” and so I dropped everything in Dallas and came back to Boston and here I am…writing to you from the same old desk that was mine for many years and many SP.com updates.  I feel quite nostalgic and I want to try to make this place as fun as it once was…. I want to be dedicated to it again.  So if you will forgive me for being absent…I promise to do my best in delivering you quality info on what the heck Dave is up to these days.

What the heck IS he up to? I admit I’m out of the loop.  As I said before, he played on stage with the Rolling Stones…. some proof right here:

OMG, I’m so excited that my photo gallery worked!

 And as I mentioned, the new Comedy Central series “Drunk History” where Dave played one of Elvis’ sidekicks (Elvis of course played by Jack Black…the belt around his waist alone is worth the price of admission). Here are a few photos. I’m bummed out that Comedy Central only has a small clip from the episode on their website now…they originally had the entire episode online, but if you’re here in the states, I hear that you can catch it on On Demand.  I’m an American History major so this whole series is like a gift from heaven wrapped up in a kick ass box.

Now here’s the one that stings the most:

A  few weeks ago, my mom flew up to Boston and I took her to see Paul McCartney at Fenway Park. It was her first rock concert since Elvis back in the 50s…before he was even “Elvis”.  He came to her high school gym and played and she saw him.

The show was amazing…of course…it’s Paul McCartney.

She goes home and then Paul continues on his tour – ending up in Seattle…and WHAT DO YOU KNOW…. GUESS WHO decides to get on stage with not only Paul, but Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear.  My mom called me up and said “Why didn’t we go to the Seattle one?”

Good question. I’m trying to pretend that it didn’t exist or happen, but it did. Oh how I would have loved to witness that in person.  Super happy for everyone in Seattle that got to see “Sirvana”. I love that.

Before I wrap this up, I want to mention that I have an Instagram for the website and you can also follow on Twitter or Facebook (there are a lot of quick updates on the Facebook page because it’s super easy to link to something there and it seems most people are on FaceBook so feel free to follow me & the website there.)

So…there you go.  It’s good to be ‘back’ and I’m ready for the next Foo Fighters album and adventures.  When the website was broke and just sitting there, a few people had said to me that maybe I should think about just calling it quits. Perhaps, but if that day comes, I want it to be on my own terms and not because of something like the website is broke. I did need a break from it all and it was good to kind of catch my breath for a while and try to heal, but give up the website? Nah…not yet.

xo ~Leecy

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