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Nov 22

I have been to many, many concerts in my lifetime, and yet never attended a show where a surprise guest showed up and it knocked me off of my feet…until Sunday, Nov. 13.  More in a minute….

Every year in November, a bunch of friends from all over the USA.. and the world now and I get together in New York City & celebrate what I like to call Scorpio Holiday. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of big on birthdays.  Particularly mine on Nov. 16.  It really is the one day where you can be the most obnoxious person ever and just shrug and say ‘it’s my birthday’ and people say ‘oh.. oh yeah! Happy Birthday!’ and all is forgiven.  So several years back, another friend of mine who happens to be a Scorpio and I came up with the brilliant idea of holding an annual party in NYC.  Everyone is invited.  It changes up each year. THIS YEAR (probably without knowing it), Foo Fighters decided to crash Scorpio Holiday in NYC.  I’m going to pretend that it was on purpose and that careful planning went into making sure this Scorpio Holiday was the best.

One friend of mine, Patrick, who has been one of my best friends since I was a freshman in High School, attended this year as always.  He accompanied me to the Foo Fighters’ Madison Square Garden concert on Sunday, Nov. 13.  We have been to many, many Foo Fighters shows together going back 15 yrs or so. We saw our first Foo show together (this was in  Texas where we’re from).  I have to tell you though, I never knew the 14 yr old girl that lived inside of him until he was introduced to Dave.  Giddy.  I think I remember thinking, ‘Who ARE you??’  It’s all fun though. I have to tell you though, I could never have predicted how awesome the show was going to be – especially when Joan Jett came out on stage. I am honestly still in shock as I sit here writing this.  I have always LOVED Joan Jett. I’m old enough to remember when “I love Rock N Roll” was a single playing on the radio… not to mention ‘Crimson & Clover’ and “Bad Reputation”.  Joan Jett!  She rocks! She’s a girl & she loves Rock n Roll…just like me!!  Patrick and I just stared – jaws dropped at what we were witnessing. Parts of my brain doesn’t even remember some of it because of the absolute shock.  Some of you asked me after, “Leecy.. did you know before?”  NO!  I didn’t. How could I know that??  I’m glad that I didn’t because it makes it that much more awesome. Scorpio Holiday was definitely off to a fantastic start…….

Here are some photos taken by Patrick at the I love Rock N Roll show….



Monday, Nov. 14 was the Foo Fighters concert in Newark, NJ where I had a surprise run in with my friend Herbie *bonus Scorpio Holiday treat*. I attended this show with my good friend Elle who came all the way from Germany to celebrate me (and see some Foo).  Elle does all of the graphic design here at the website. She’s awesome. She designs all of the birthday book banners and announcements and the header for the website.. all of it.  Elle rocks.  I can just give her a few ideas and she takes those ideas and turns them in to the most perfect graphics.  Thank you, Elle.  Of course, no trip from Germany is complete without Kindereggs…. I already ate mine & got some really cool toys too.  I think a few found their way to Dave as well.  🙂  Here are a few photos that I took in Newark:


Wednesday, November 16 was my actual birthday, and what do you know…. Foo Fighters played TD Garden – in Boston – where I currently LIVE. I mean, how convenient for me, right?  ;-p Thanks guys for being so considerate…!  In all seriousness though, I have to be the luckiest girl alive to be able to see Foo Fighters on my birthday in the city I live in and be able to say hello to Dave as well. Don’t think for one minute I don’t know how lucky I am.  I know.  I appreciate it more than I could ever tell you.  I got to hang out with Tim from the Foo Fighters Post Board & his awesome mom, dad, & brother.  I want to hang out with your mom again, Tim.  After meeting Dave, she said to me, ‘That David is a real charmer (insert Boston/New England accent here). ”  I agreed with her.  Then she said, “He’s kind of cute too, huh?” We giggled together and then I told her, “Get in line, sister.”  ;-p

I took a few photos, but for the most part, I just enjoyed the show knowing that it would be the last time that I see them for probably a long time. Here’s the thing kids – I am leaving Boston and the east coast.  I am heading out to California after the new year. My last day in Boston is Dec. 16. I head home to Texas for the holidays and then after the new year I will hit up California. I was supposed to go there before I moved to Boston, but for personal & medical reasons I came to Boston. It’s been great and I’ve accomplished so many things here personally, but California is always calling my name so it’s now or never.  I’m leaving a great job so I’ll be job hunting as well… it’s probably not the smartest thing in this day/age to leave a good job, but I have to.  No more harsh New England winters for me. I’m done. Stick a fork in me.

Anyway – Boston photos:

Soooooo, now that MY birthday is over….it’s time to focus on..Dave’s birthday.  You know what is exciting about doing the birthday book for Dave this year?  The fact that people are coming to me about it before I can even get the book set up.  It really makes me so happy that you’re asking me for details well before I even get the rules and the contest going.  That gives me great hope that this year’s book is going to be the best one yet. Thank you guys so much for being patient and for asking me the details.  I will have the rules and the contest up by the end of this week.  So keep checking back.  In the meantime, feel free to start on your birthday contributions now so that you can send them in when the contest goes live.  I will bug the SHIT out of you leading up to January 14.  You will HATE me by the end of the book.   It will all be worth it though.  I do have one request – once the rules are put online, please read, reread and then read again.  Because I will be moving across the country during this time, it’s going to be quite hectic for me, so any information that you might need will be in the rules.  I beg you – please follow the rules so that I don’t have to return your entry or ask you to revise.  Help me help you. Thanks, nerds.

So once again…..

I’ll talk to you all in a few days….!

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  • Aaron Alford

    Is that Bob Mould behind you in NYC photos?!

  • Aaron Alford

    Awesome post, Leecy! Is that Bob Mould behind you in the NYC photos (3rd photo)?!?!

    –Aaron from Texas

    • Yes, that’s Bob Mould. It’s a silly thing to take a photo like that, but what the hell.
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