Dain Bramage

In Dave’s own words, he tells of his ‘Dain Bramage’ adventures:

Enter Ruben Radding, an extraodinary bassist in band called A.O.C. that had just broked up as well. His knowledge of hardcore was neligible, his taste being more in the Mission of Burma/Television vein. We set up our stuff in my living room and smoked a whole bunch of pot, wrote four songs, and Dain Bramage was born. With Reuben on guitar and vocals,, Dave (Smith, ex-Mission Impossible) on bass, and me still at the drum set, we started writing song after song at an alarming pace. We started playing shows around town, whenever we could get them, usually to the hardcore kids’ dismay. This band was where I really started to utilize my growing interest in songwriting: arrangment, dynamics, different tunings, etc. We were extremely experimental, usually experimenting with classic rock clishes in a noisy, punk rock kind of way. Like every other band I’d been in, we eventually recorded a few demos with Barrett. After Fartblossom, much to our surprise. Flattered beyond belief, we went into a 24 track studio near Annapolis and recorded Dain Bramage’s only LP, I Scream Not Coming Down. It was a fine demonstration of our blend of rock, art punk, and hardcore. I still like it.

Release Date: 2002-05-27

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