Freak Baby

Dave talks about Freak Baby:

In the summer of 1984 I met some guys at a Void show in D.C. who were in a band that needed a guitar player. I gladly offered my services and was given an audition. The band was called Freak Baby. I was accepted and my career as a punk rocker began. We played a few shows at a local high school and recorded a demo that fall with local studio with Barrett Jones. This was my first recording in a real deal 4 track studio. We convinced the local punk rock record store, Smash, to sell our cassettes and managed to gain of following of four or five local skinheads. Go figure. After kicking out our bass player a few months later, I had the chance to put down the guitar and rescue the drums from our struggling drummer, Dave. Turns out he was actually a rather fine bass player to begin with, making the decision even more logical (or palatable). Enter Mission Impossible…


I believe this is a picture of Dave while in Freak Baby.
It’s definitely Dave around his high school days,
but I am not positive what band he was at at
the time this photo was taken.

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