Harlingtox A. D.

The following paragraph is taken from this picture inside of the Harlingtox AD CD cover.

How did all of this occur? The Harlingtox story was hatched in Washington, D. C. in the spring and summer of 1990. It’s very 1990-like. It reeks of Bush/Quayle annoyances and growing pains in general. Harlingtox was never a band, there has never been a Harlingtox show. It was musically arranged by Dave and Tos, probably first conceptualized in Europe during a Scream/God tour the previous year. Tos came to live in D.C. for half a year or so. He had been playing guitar in a band in Holland called God. Dave was drumming for Scream, preparing for what would be Scream’s last tour during the time of this recording. Dave had recorded down the street in Arlington , VA at Barrett’s Laundry Room Studios during his time drumming for Dain Bramage & Mission Impossible before Scream. Barrett was playing guitar and singing in Churn which was after he had fronted the bands Bark and 11 th Hour. He had been operating the Laundry Room Studio for 6 or 7 years at this point. Various teen bands referred to it as Downwater Studios or Upland Studios. This is simply not true. It was, is, and always will be the Laundry Room Studios. Bruce met Dave 5 or 6 years prior through Phil who was close friends with Dave. When Dave asked Bruce to sing, he said yes. He was way way in between 9353‘s. He had been deranged, exchanging the Scorpios and had just come out of a bad farm experience. Tos found Bruce right where he could be found in those years, at the bar of D.C Space and asked him to sing. Bruce, remembering having told Dave he would, did, suggesting it be called Harlingtox.

Then, the whole concept froze in time. The rest was not history until now. Barrett moved Laundry Room to Seattle with Dave. He was Dave’s drum tech for most of the time Dave drummed for Nirvana. Now he continues playing guitar and singing with Churn and produces other bands, and operates Laundry Room Records with Justin Goldberg. Dave still lives in Seattle whenever he’s not playing guitar and singing in Foo Fighters. Tos is living in Holland and is in between bands. He will rock again! Bruce is still singing and playing guitar with or as 9353. He still lives in Washington , D.C where he is so in sync musically and fashion-wise with that city that relocating is heinously unthinkable.

Track Listing


  • 1. Treason daddy brother in crime real patriotic type stuff
  • 2. Orbitting prisons in space
  • 3. Recycled children never to be grown
  • 4. Obtaining a bachelors degree
  • 5. Open straightedge arms
  • …and many many more
  • Dave Grohl plays guitar, bass, and drums on song 1 and guitar on song 3.

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