Late! Pocketwatch

Dave Grohl: “On my trips back to Va., I started recording more and more at Barrett’s studio. I had probably finished six or seven songs and was writing a lot of stuff in my spare time in Olympia. After recording Nevermind (Nirvana), I went home for a few days and recorded at a different local D.C. studio. This tape was heard by a friend named Jenny Toomey who had a label called Simple Machines. She had heard other recordings and asked if I was interested in doing a cassette release. I was a little hesitant, always having been very shy about people listening to me sing, but I eventually said yes. This was to become my alter ego, “Late.” The cassette was entitled Pocketwatch and was (and still is) duplicated from a second generation copy that I had given Jenny months before and included early versions of “Winnebago” and “Marigold” (later Nirvana B-side).

Label: Simple Machine Records

Release Date: 1992-00-00


  • 01. Pokey The Little Puppy
  • 02. Petrol CB
  • 03. Friend of a Friend
  • 04. Throwing Needles
  • 05. Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson
  • 06. Color Pictures of a Marigold
  • 07. Hells Garden
  • 08. Winnebago
  • 09. Bruce
  • 10. Milk

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