Mission Impossible

Dave talks about Mission Impossible:

Mission Impossible was a super-fast hardcore delight– a chance to try out all the tricks that I had learned from my growing record collection, on a real drumset even! I hadn’t the slightest idea how to set the fucking thing up, but I sure loved beating the shit out of it. We actually wrote songs that had little breaks in them so we could jump just like the pictures we’d seen in Maximumrocknroll and Flipside. It was 1985 and I was living my hardcore dream.

Mission Impossible played its last show in the summer of 1985. Over the couse of a year, I’d had many great experiences : opening for the legendary Troublefunk at a high school prom, Ian Mackaye publicly declairing that he liked my band, finally being able to send demo tapes to pen pals I’d aquired over the years of fanzine collecting, even releasing a split single with local heoroes Lunchmeat (now Girls Against Boys).

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