Tenacious D

Tenacious D, the self-proclaimed greatest band in the world, released their self-titled CD with a little help from Dave Grohl.

Dave appears on the album as the drummer for the entire work, not to mention he plays guitar on several songs: Wonderboy, Explosivo, Dio, The Road, Rock Your Socks, Double Team, and City Hall.

Full Album Track Listing is as follows:

  • Kielbasa 3:02
  • One Note Song 1:24
  • Tribute 4:08
  • Wonderboy 4:07
  • Hard Fucking :36
  • Fuck Her Gently 2:03
  • Explosivo 1:55
  • Dio 1:41
  • Inward Singing 2:13
  • Kyle Quit the Band 1:30
  • The Road 2:20
  • Cock Pushups :47
  • Lee 1:02
  • Friendship Test 1:31
  • Friendship 2:00
  • Karate Schnitzel :37
  • Karate 1:05
  • Rock Your Socks 3:33
  • Drive-Thru 3:01
  • Double Team 3:11
  • City Hall 6:47

In addition, Dave appeared as the Devil in Tenacious D’s Music Video “Tribute”.

Click HERE to see photos of Dave preparing to become the Devil.

Taken from the website:

Sure, Tenacious D is a bit of a joke band, with Jack Black and his bro, Kyle Gass, but they can play. With their self-titled debut album, they walk the crossroads of parody and tribute without forgetting to rock your socks off. “Tribute” is a great song in the grand tradition of Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, in which a band takes on the evil one in a battle of music. As Black narrates their eerie trip, they confront a demon who challenges them to play the best song in the world, or he’ll eat their souls. As the lyrics attest, “So we played the first thing that came to our heads, it just so happened to be, the best song in the world!” Stunned, the demon asks, “Be you angels?” and the proudly shout back, “NAY We are but men..ROCK!” as they lead into a screaming cock rock chorus that puts any 80s devil rock to shame!

-Robert Berry

Tenacious D – The Complete Masterworks is a DVD loaded with practically every TV appearance the duo has ever done not to mention it includes the making of the Tribute Video which has Dave in it. It also includes a live concert among other goodies.

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