“Touch” Soundtrack

Taken from www.imdb.com (Internet Movie Database):

With the discovery of Juvenal (Skeet Ulrich), a miracle healer, evangelist turned RV dealer Bill Hill envisions riches.

Hill manages to snare Juvenal with the help of a former associate, Lynn Faulkner.

However, Hill’s plans of book deals and TV talk show visits hits a snag when Lynn falls for Juvenal and has second thoughts about exploiting him.

With this new situation, another thorn in Hill’s side arrives in the form of the Reverend August Murray, who sees Lynn as a corrupting influence on Juvenal and is determined to free him of her.

Originial Music scored by David Grohl for the Soundtrack Touch

David Grohl – Touch Soundtrack

Label: Capitol / Roswell Records

Release Date: 1997-03-11


01. Bill Hill Theme

02. August Murray Theme

03. How Do You Do

04. Richie Baker’s Miracle

05. Making Popcorn

06. Outrage

07. Saints in Love

08. Spinning Newspapers

09. Remission My Ass

10. Scene 6

11. This Loving Thing (Lynn’s Song)

12. Final Miracle

13. Touch

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