January 04, 2006

Jan 04

Wow, am I glad to see you guys. Believe me, with the computer troubles that I have been having here lately, it’s a wonder that I can even update this place. I basically lost everything I had on my computer (word to the wise.. stay away from that Limewire crap.. VIRUS CITY, BABY). That’s what I get for trying to download porn I guess. :-p

So here we are, starting a new year. Can you believe we’ll be two in May? I have to thank each and every one of you who visit the site and continue to support the place and tell me over and over not to let it go. Special thanks to my friend Kelly in Australia who hooked me up with this fancy, schmancy new version of Dreamweaver so that I can update and design. I’m still learning my way around it so if things look funny from time to time, remember that I am still learning.

Enough rambling. January is the man of the hour’s (that’s Dave) birthday. Jan. 14 to be specific. We’re doing a birthday page here for him so please get your photoshops/contributions in by Jan. 12 so that I can get the page all fixed up and loaded up. I’m a little disappointed that people aren’t taking the time to draw stuff out or just saying “Happy Birthday”.. C’mon, gang.. get creative! Shit, anyone can say ‘happy birthday.’ This is your opportunity to give a little back to a guy who totally puts his heart into his music for you. Geeks. Sheesh! Do I have to hit you all over the heads?

So anyway, get your stuff in to me… Lisa@sweetparamania.com

I hope you all had a great New Year and here’s to much more in the way of this website in 2006.


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