January 14, 2005

Jan 14


Well, well,well…. the big 3-6. My goodness how time flies. Didn’t you just turn 30 or something..? Like… are you really this OLD? Just teasin’, Dave. You know we love you.

To check out all the wonderful birthday wishes for the Grohl, click HERE. Thanks to everyone who contributed….we can’t speak for Dave, but hopefully he’ll be feeling the love.

Make sure you scroll all the way down, check out everyone’s wishes, and then click the link at the bottom for my special birthday contribution.

In Non-Birthday news: Dave will be performing Monday the 17th in Los Angeles at the Wiltern with Tenacious D among others as a fundraiser for Tsunami victims. Tickets were sold through Ticketmaster, but I believe that they are all sold out now so.. sucks for you if you were all excited there for a second and then realized you couldn’t go. :-p Our very own ‘Rival’ who helps out around here will be going (the lucky bitch) so…. yeah, she’s not my friend at the moment (until she returns with pictures, that is..).

That’s about it, boys and girls. Here’s hoping Dave has many, many more birthdays….



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