January 14, 2006

Jan 14

Happy Birthday, DAVE!!!! I had a realllllllly long paragraph written out, but decided I should just shut up with the rambling and get on to the sweet birthday love. I do have to say the following though…

Thanks to the beautiful Kelly in Australia who hooked us up with the entry page image. She’s always there to help me out and I appreciate it so much. The same goes for my friend Kevin who went WELL beyond my wishes and really made my contribution come to life.

Normally I would put all the fans wishes first before mine, but seriously, I’ve been working on this thing since November and driving my friends nuts with it (as you will see) so I’m going first this year. There is a link to the fans wishes at the bottom of my page and as always there will be a permanent link in the photos section.

I’d love to have your feedback if you have a moment to e-mail me. Lisa@sweetparamania.com

Thanks everyone for contributing to the Davie-love.



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