January 19, 2008

Jan 19

Hey kids –

I wanted to say that in regards to the Birthday Book, I had received well over 100 e mails and at times had to carry on at length with certain people about their contributions (resizing or actually putting together certain entries, etc.). I checked and re-checked and I really believed that I had got everyone’s birthday wish on to the birthday book, but in fact I didn’t and I feel awful about it. Believe me, I know how hard you guys work on your entries and the time and effort that you put in to it so I appreciate how someone might feel if their entry was left off.

I got an e mail from Júlia and unfortunately, she is the cutie-pie whose entry was not on the book. So I would like to post it here in the hopes that everyone will take a look at it and also, if Dave happened by some chance to look at the book and maybe looks here again, he will see it.

Click for Júlia’s Contribution

Once again, Júlia, I apologize and it was not something that I intended to do. I hope it won’t discourage you (or anyone else) from contributing on next year’s book.

Also, our super-secret judge has picked the winner of the birthday book entries and that honor goes to Álvaro for his crazy ass spray painting Dave’s face all over Rio De Janeiro. You can see that again HERE. Congrats, dude. Your prize package is on it’s way. Our judge also wanted to recognize Ally and Jess for their work as well. Thanks to everyone again for making this the biggest book yet and start thinking of your contributions for next year when Dave turns 40!! I already have my idea.


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