January 20, 2005

Jan 20

The Foo Fighters Don’t Party

PizzaHut.com sucks ass. It takes too long to order a pizza online. I might as well pick up the phone. I’m officially THAT lazy. It’s not my fault though, and I admit that I am both exhausted and retarded for choosing to order online rather than the phone, but I honestly don’t think I can communicate today with any more people. Working solid for 2 weeks straight, 16-20 hour days can make you a tad bit edgy.

So yeah, I’ve e-yelled at a bunch of people over the last two weeks and I apologize for being a total jerk but there’s only so much coffee in the world and it doesn’t always help Cat out.

Let’s not even factor in that January has been a busy month here! Not that I mind; I actually enjoy updating the website. You know you’re into it a little too much when you tell your boss you’ll get to whatever it is you get paid to do right after you finish updating your website. Luckily for me, my boss (yes, female) thinks Dave is the most adorable guy in the world and waits for the updates herself.

Soooooo… please watch the following videos of the Foo guys in the studio. You’ll have to right click and save to your computer.

Birth of a Dream

You’ll need Windows Media Viewer to watch. Ahh, those boys are just too damn funny.

What else..? Oh.. there is a good article on the show from the other night at the Wiltern right over NYAH .

It’s been a few days, but if you didn’t get to check out Dave’s birthday wishes, you can read about it below in the Jan. 14 update or just head straight over to the page.

The MP3 for the new song that Dave sang at the Wiltern is NYAH . “Razor of Mine”. I like it. There’s also tons of photos from the show NYAH.

Can everyone please sign my guestbook above? Please? Or check out our message board (link above).

Amazingly, my pizza has arrived so that should tell you how long it took me to update this thing.

Later, ‘taters…



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