January 23, 2005

Jan 23

Um.. several people told me that I sounded really pissed off or even angry in my last update and I just want to say that no.. I was just very tired! Sorry!

The absolutely GORGEOUS Jan from the FF.com postboard has donated some lovely photos that she took the other night at the Wiltern. I added them on to the Tsunami Relief Concert page HERE. Just scroll down. Also, our girl on the scene, Rival (postboard mod here) was at the show and took some beautiful pics of Dave for me, oh excuse me, us, as she was patiently waiting to pinch Ed Vedder’s ass… which unfortunately for her never happened. Click HERE and HERE to see them.

And thanks to everyone who is signing the guest book here! (I added a few replies to your comments and will do some more when I get a chance). Link is up there at the top if you want to add your $.02.

Oh – I updated the audio page and it’s a tiny bit easier to look at and find what you’re looking for… you’re welcome.

Okey dokey, kids.. that’s about it for me. I’m going out.



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