January 23, 2006

Jan 23

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. It’s amazing how someone on the other side of the world can be leaving a Foo Fighters concert and basically rush home and e mail my lazy, sitting on the couch watching the Tivo’d “My Name is Earl” episode- ass and say “Leecy, I just got home from the concert in Milan- here are pictures from the show!!” I love it! Soooo, you have Leigh to thank for these. (No bitching about the short hair, ’cause I’m digging it.) There’s a couple of Taylor as well. That sort of brings me to this question. Why is it that the “Taylor photos” thread at our forum is more popular than the “Dave Photos” thread on a freakin’ Dave Grohl website? It boggles the mind. Taylor should get his own darn fansite.

I want to thank everyone again for contributing to the Dave Birthday page. It was a lot of fun this year and I got so many nice complements over my little photoshop thing. I do hope that Dave saw it. If any of you happen to be lucky enough to see him in the next few days.. and can’t think of anything to ask because you’re too nervous.. well, there you go. Ask him about the birthday book and tell him if he didn’t see it to get here quick. (Just a little FYI, I added a few belated wishes.)

I also want to mention that I got an e mail from Matt who is a member of “Monkey Wrench”. Remember those guys? They’re a Foo Fighters Tribute band and they appeared on 24 hours of Foo on MTV2. Anyway, we now have a link to their website in our links section or you can just follow this link HERE.

I know that I’m forgetting something else, but can’t remember at the moment. If you do have anything you want to contribute to the site, please e mail me at Lisa@sweetparamania.com


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