January 30, 2005

Jan 30

So I said that I probably wouldn’t have another update until February, but I just can’t hold this information without losing my mind so here goes.

My really good friend Megumi, who lives in Tokyo, e mailed me with the following information:

Today I went to a bookshop and checked out a music magazine called ‘CROSSBEAT’, which is a Japanese magazine. There is an article about FF new album and an interview of Dave.

In that article Dave says that a new song, titled “In Your Honor” will be put at the beginning of the Rock CD. He also says it’s so crazy as hell, saying that it’s as much as 100 times of All My Life, and it must be an opening song at every show for 2 years from now..!

As for the acoustic one, he seems to have asked lots of musicians to join. He slightly hesitated to tell the details about it, but seems to want one guest for each song if possible, so….. 12 guests at least? Release date would be sometime in June (still not confirmed yet, but they hope so), the current schedule is that all the tracks are to be recorded by the end of Feb and mixing them during March, then once everything will be done without any problems, FOO will go on the road for their shows. It may make sense as some of the Festivals in Europe in July are already booked.

So there you have it. Megumi has promised me that she is going back to get the magazine and give us a little more information (date of the publication, etc.) and if she has a chance, maybe she can type up the whole interview for us.

Very exciting!!!


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