January 30, 2011

Jan 30

So many of you have asked me if I have picked a winner yet for the birthday book “contest” and my answer to you is: How do I choose?

I have a few ideas in mind. One would be to set up a poll here on the site where everyone could help pick the best entry. Of course this involves a little html skills that somehow I don’t seem to possess. There are quick generated polls you can enter quickly, but I’d like to show the entry + the person’s name along with a way to vote.

I was also given advice on just setting up a photo album on Facebook and making it public and let everyone vote that way. I like this idea and will probably go with it, but be patient with me. I have another idea or two and it might take a little while to get it together. Rest asured that we will have a winner.

Speaking of the birthday book…we had a little birthday party going on over on Twitter on Dave’s birthday and our goal was to get his name trending.

Not only did we trend in Brazil, USA, France, Germany….we trended WORLD WIDE which means that we really are all just a big bunch of nerds who sit around typing Dave’s name into a sentence with 140 characters or less.

So suck it, Twitterverse… you got owned.

Thanks, to Laura @kokalola for the image:

Fail Whale!!

So here are a few screen shots of “Dave Grohl” trending on Twitter:

Click on the photos to Enlarge

France (from Clarisse)


Brazil (from Diego)


Brazil (from Karina)


Germany (from Elle)


USA (me!)


World Wide (me!)

World Wide.

World Wide (me!)

World Wide.

Foo Fighters played a surprise “secret” show last night in Santa Barbara, CA. and you can read all about it HERE from Antiquiet.

Head over to FooArchive to get details on how to order your own copy of NME Magazine: Icons: Dave Grohl.

I recently updated the ‘Dave with his fans‘ photo page. So check out the new photos there.

Also, if you missed any of the photos that Dave has tweeted, I have copies of them HERE.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Thanks again everyone for all of your help with the birthday book. It was a huge success. I’m very proud of it this year! Check back soon. I see another update on the way…

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