July 01, 2004

Jul 01

Well, here we are…first of July and ready to roll. The new layout isn’t completely finished, but you get the idea. Sure there’s some tweaking to do here and there, but for the most part this is our new look.

So what do we have in store for July? Well, let’s not forget that Dave will be joining Tenacious D’s Jack Black for a little acoustic fun for John Kerry on July 6. I’ve all ready cleared a page away for the lovely photos I’m sure we’ll get.

Word is that Dave is also playing drums on one of the new songs on the new Garbage album called “Hands on a Hard Body”. (Insert naughty comments here). The title of the tune you ask? “Be my bad boyfriend”. Hm. (Insert more naughty comments here).

Foo Fighters (that other band Dave plays for) will be performing on Aug. 28 in San Diego, CA. for the “Street Scene” festival. Can I just take a moment here and say that they should be headlining? Sure I can.. it’s my website. You guys should be headlining. Seriously, if I were that Jack Johnson guy I would so HATE following you because you know everyone’s gonna rock out and then leave. I would. Of course I’m not going so why does it matter so much to me? I don’t know, George. It JUST. DOES. (Seinfeld)

So remember to check back the 6th late.. or early the 7th for those pics. While you’re at it, join up at our message board and start talking.

If we don’t speak before, Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. We’re only 228 yrs old!


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