July 10, 2008

Jul 10

First of all, Thanks to BB for these… you rock dude. And I hope you’re no longer grumpy! (I really appreciate everything, Beebs.)

So I was at the Seattle Foo Show last night and it was AMAZING of course. As if it wouldn’t be.. but you know, I think that I might have to maybe dedicate this entry to one Nate Mendel who not only acknowledged our silly attempts at trying to get Dave’s attention by waving a Sweet Paramania.com bumper sticker in the air and yelling “Dave!!” and the more fun “David!!”, Nate also read the bumper sticker and pointed at me and gave me the thumbs up sign. Yeah, so I’ve been thinking all day that I might need to maybe make this site a Nate site. You know, SweetNate.com or something like that because I have a new crush now is what I’m saying. It’s a total fan girl thing that I’m completely aware that I’m too old to be doing but at the same time, I just really sort of like Nate.. who I can only assume is an avid reader of this site.

Hey Dave – sorry the bumper sticker wasn’t as big as that sign those Italian fans were waving around about how they came all the way over from Italy..but I came all the way from Boston and I’m just as jet-lagged. (I don’t hear too many people feeling sorry for me. I get it.)

So, even though I’m pouting a little, I still really enjoyed the show and was super excited to get to see Supergrass as well.

Here are some photos that I took last night with maybe even one of me in there somewhere looking really happy just to be where I happened to be.

And here are a few videos that I took below. The entire performance of “Marigold” and some of “But Honestly” which I don’t know why but it seems I always somehow end up recording that song.

I still adore you, Dave. I hope BB got the bumper sticker to you. :-p

PS – I am not the girl that yells “Dave will you marry me” on the But Honestly clip. That was some girl next to me. I rolled my eyes to

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