July 15, 2006

Jul 15

Hey Everyone –

I have to apologize for not updating sooner or more often but life has sort of got in the way. Work, school, and just other stuff has taken a lot of my time, not to mention my computer crashed… another computer that was on loan crashed and so I had to invest in a new computer. I’m finally all set and it will be much easier for me to update now.

*IF YOU SENT CONTRIBUTIONS* – I believe that I lost some things in the crash and I would like to ask you to send them to me again. I know for certain that someone sent me some wall papers that they had made of Dave and I do not have them. If you have things like that, please send them and I’ll get them put up here.


I wanted to share this photo – it made its way into my ‘Inbox’ through a friend of a friend. The guy on the drumset is actually a guy that I went to high school with and he has worked on movie sets and music video sets since leaving home. He ended up working on the “My Hero” video and I suppose this is when the photo was taken. Small world.

Rachael has sent over some of her Hyde Park Photos. She’s actually probably going to send more so check back soon.

I also received this in my e mail from AOL music. Foo Fighters from Hyde Park.

We’ve had quite a few of our “regular” post-boarders attend a lot of the acoustic shows lately and they’re writing their experiences up over at our Message Board and are posting their photos. Good Stuff.

I’ll actually be heading up to the Atlantic City, New Jersey Foo Fighters/Rye Coalition show in August. Let me know if you’re going.. I’d love to meet you.

See you all soon.


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