July 19, 2009

Jul 19

I hope everyone is having a great summer…!

John Gara at RollingStone.com sent over this link of Rock Star “look-a-likes” comparing Dave to John Bonham.

Simon – over at FooFightersLive.com – has made a video of the July 4th White House Gig for your downloading pleasure. Click HERE to download.

Make sure you check out FooFightersLive.com. Simon’s a great guy – there is a wealth of information on that site and any live info you might need can be found there.

Also, I’m linking to these pictures – I’m not sure who they belong to (other than they say Patti Heck’s photos)so that’s why I won’t post them up here – but about half way down you will find photos from the White House gig.

And completely off topic:

That’s me with my friends Herb & Jon of “The Black Hollies” (also members of Rye Coalition) and they’re currently on tour so check their schedule and catch them when they hit your city. Tell them Lisa sent you.

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