July 22, 2008

Jul 22

Hello dearies,

EllyPirelly (who designed the graphics for this website) has made a few more wallpapers for your desktops. These particular wallpapers are actually Nate, Chris & Taylor and they’re really great so I thought we would host them here.Check them out!

Here are a few photos of the guys at one of the nights of their Wembley performance.

So if you’ll recall in my last update, I told you how my friend Linda and I behaved like a couple of teenagers (not that there’s anything wrong with teenagers) at the recent Seattle Foo Fighters show. I gave BB a bumper sticker that had the Sweet Paramania logo and a picture of Dave’s face on it. The sticker was also designed by EllyPirelly. I asked him to give it to Dave but I also know that BB was really busy and that it wasn’t a priority or anything. Flash forward to the Oklahoma City show and Jemima snaps a few photos including this one:

(click on photo to enlarge). Looks like the bumper sticker made it on to Dave’s guitars case. Good times!

I’m working on setting up an audio section because we have some fan made mp3s that can be used as ringtones etc. so check back soon. I plan on putting up some screen caps from the VH1 Rock Honors special for The Who as well.

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