July 31, 2005

Jul 31

Our friend Megumi just returned from the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and says that she had a fantastic time. She has the set list for us:

1. In Your Honor

2. All My Life

3. Times Like These

4. My Hero

5. Best of You

6. Up In Arms

7. Learn To Fly

8. The Last Song

9. The One

10. Stacked Actors (Dave ran and got to the PA shed in the center of the field then climbed the scaffold behind of the shed!!!)

11. This Is A Call

12. Everlong (Dave only ver.)

13. Monkey Wrench

EN1. Cold Day In The Sun (Taylor sang and played guitar, and Dave played drums!!!!)

EN2. Breakout

Megumi also found some photos for us from a Japanese website. Click HERE and she tells me that she is exhausted but looking forward to talking about the show. Sign up at our forum so you can get all of the details!


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