June 01, 2004

Jun 01

Happy June, everyone! Damn, I can’t believe the year is almost half over.

We’re entering in to our second month online in the next few days and honestly, I’m very happy with the way this website has picked up. Thanks to everyone for visiting and for taking the time to check us out. Sign up at our message board and start talking!

Please sign the Guest Book over there to your left as well. I have like four lousy entries. (No offense to anyone who HAS signed).

Since it IS a new month, the month of May news updates are now in the archives , also over there to the left. You can get caught up through that.

So.. what does Leecy have today to satisfy your Dave craving? Well, they’re not of the best quality, but it’s still Dave. How about a few screen caps of a teen-aged David playing drums at a High School function? Look, don’t blame me for the shitty quality, I did the best that I could, but modern technology has only come so far; not to mention I’m not the brightest bulb when it comes to figuring this stuff out. Just pretend to like them and we’ll all be ok.

I also updated the Nirvana page in the Bands section. Honestly though, how do you even begin to talk about that band? I will never be able to do it the justice it deserves. Forgive me.

Just a friendly reminder: If you want to link to the site, or want to contribute or just need to cyber (kidding about that last part), then e mail me: lisa@sweetparamania.com


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