June 02, 2004

Mar 02

But seriously, if this wasn’t a Dave site, and you didn’t know that he used to wear his hair like that.. well, you might have believed me!

So click on the picture to take your silly self over to our ‘Way back in time’ page otherwise known as screen caps from the video ‘1991-The Year Punk Broke‘. See, when you’re young and never ever think that you’ll ever be as famous as you are like 13 yrs down the road, well, you do silly things on film that comes back to bite you in the ass. Calm down, we’re not talking Paris Hilton like. We’re talking things like: getting Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth to apply make up to your face; going over all of the food items spread out before you on a table backstage (didn’t we see that again on the Foo/RHCP tour/MTV 1515 Report?!) and doing a really bad French impression while declaring your love for grapes, followed by making out with Krist Novoselic. Ahhh, life on the road… you make your own fun.

Also have some photos from the little show that Foo did before the big show that they did in Portugal. A little show at a little place called ‘Paradise Garage‘. I think you look good, Dave. It’s nice to see you with a little meat on your bones.

Oh, and I want to mention that we now have a link up for FooArchive.Com . Please, PLEASE go to that website now.. it’s like my favorite place online and I mean that with all honesty, no joking around. Those guys have a hell of a website and you can find anything there on Dave and the boys.

I begged and pleaded and got ONE entry in my guest book (thanks Lisa). What do I have to do for two?

Well, this update will have to last you kiddies for a few days. I gotta take a breather. That’s computer talk for we’re talking about re-designing the place and we need to get our shit together. I know, I know.. you’ll miss us while we’re away, but we’re thinking of you, because we loooooove you. *Mu-ah!* (This of course will not apply if in fact Dave makes appearances somewhere and we need to put photgraphical proof up).


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