June 02, 2005

Jun 02

Hey everyone! It’s a new month, we’re starting on our second year here, and I just realized how there is NO way I could ever have all the information on every single little thing that is going on because .. well, there’s just too much going on with Foo Fighters at the moment.

This is why you should join up at our message forum because we post a lot of things there that normally we don’t get up here in the news department. I’m not just talking that the mods and I are the ones getting the info out…it’s our forum members who are all excited about all things Dave and Foo at the moment. We have some really great people there who are fun to hang out with and to talk to.

So, I guess I’ll look into my magic bag and pull out some pics from Australia.

Channel V and pics from the secret show at the Metro.

If you’re bored, sign our Guest Book and if you’re super bored, you can e mail me at webmaster@sweetparamania.com or chat with me on AIM at OneEyedCat1970

And on a personal note, Get Well Soon, Patrick… the biggest Foo Friend a girl could have!


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