June 04, 2004

Jun 04

Sarah has once again set us up with what we’re lacking… photo-wise that is. She’s the master when it comes to video pictures. So here you go: QOTSA: No One Knows and Generator.

So guess what? We still haven’t got our shit together, nor have we agreed upon a time to set aside to redesign things, so you know what that means for you… eye candy. Yep!

Believe me, you guys are gonna thank me for these.

Anyone catch the Andy Dick show a while back? Genius it was. (Not Andy Dick; the fact that they had Dave on the show). I mean, anytime you can get Dave to ask a girl on camera, “So, you wanna… get drunk and fuck?” – well, that’s Hollywood Gold in my book! You couldn’t write a better script.. and you know what? I bet he Ad-libbed! GENIUS I tell you, GENIUS! Notice the hair too. Ooooo yeah, baby… that’s how I like it.

And oh yeah, I got another entry in my guest book… from Veronica. See? Her name up in lights.. simple as that.

So enjoy your Friday. I’ll be around. “E” me if you want: lisa@sweetparamania.com and give me suggestions or just praise the hell out of me. I delete all negative e mail.


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