June 05, 2008

Jun 05

I added some new avatars designed by EllyPirelly who also designed our new look here at the website. I should have added these a long time ago, but as my memory has been playing tricks on me lately, I somehow forgot to do it. The design is sort of based on Andy Warhol’s work and the picture is from a stencil made by Alv4ro who won our Birthday Book contest back in January of this year.

As most of you know, Foo Fighters will be playing Wembley this month and I found this in my e mail one morning. I thought that I would share with you:

As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord Dave’s hair to keep, And if he trims before I rise, I pray the lord it still hangs in his eyes. For this is the Dave we all want to see. When he does ROCK Wemberleeey!!!

(by Rachael – inspired by Georginas prayer)

Our Father, Who Art In Rock Heaven, David Be Thy Name, Thy Wembley Come, Thy Will Be Done On Stage As It Is In The Studio. Give Us This Day Our Daily Grohl And Forgive Us Our Lustings, As We Forgive Him For Being Too Sexy. Lead Him Not Into Haircut Temptation And Deliver Us The Evil Of Rock. For Foo Fighters Are The Rock Kingdom, The Guitar Power And The Drum Glory, Forever And Ever, Rock On.

(by Georgina – inspired by Rachael needing Dave’s hair to stay long!!)

So there you have it. I hope (and pray) that you all have a great time at Wembley.

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