June 07, 2004

Jun 07

Probot was featured in the top 100 Metal Moments on VH1. What number, you ask? Why, #50.. right smack dab between #51-Cynthia Plaster Caster and #49 Jon Bonham of Led Zeppelin taking a dump in a groupie’s stiletto shoes. Dave’s in great company. So here are the still shots of him discussing his Probot adventures.

There are a few things coming up on TV here in America featuring the Grohl-man. You can head over to our message board and click on the ‘calendar’ in the menu bar, and I’ve listed all of the info. Yes, I’ll probably record it.. yes, it will probably end up here on the site. That’s how much I love you people. Either that or that’s how I have nothing else going on in my life at the moment *rim shot, crash*

One of those must-see TV moments is a Probot feature on Fuse on June 11 around 8pm EST and again at 3am EST.

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