June 09, 2004

Jun 09

Small update tonight. I just wanted to wish my best friend Star (moderator at the message board) a very Happy Birthday. I love ya, girl.. and you look so good for 75. Seriously.

Added a few more pics to the Learn to Fly Video page and I swear to who ever is listening that is the LAST time I update that page. Good pics though.

Ice Cream and Cake. Red Beans and Cornbead. Bar-B-Que and beer. Dave Grohl and Courtney Love. Well, as you can see, some things go hand in hand together and some things.. well, as my friends over at Sesame Street would sing “One of these things is not like the other..” ….. All that for a few pics of Dave and Courtney fighting it out on Celebrity Deathmatch . (Dave won. Of course.)

I’ll have more in a few days. We’re redesigning the site as we speak and I want to save things for the big reveal. Rival the wonder-mod (also at our message board) is a freakin’ GENIUS when it comes to html and so as someone very clever once said “That’s right, kiddies……… your asses will be shred like documents in Martha Stewarts office, shredded like those new pork sandwiches at Subway, shredded like….. I dunno……like a big bag of shredded stuff. The stars have aligned, the tide is high, or as “Evil” said in the classic horror flick “Fright Night”……..DINNER IS IN THE OVEN.” Except this time it applies to our website and not an album.


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