June 11, 2005

Jun 11

Normally, I don’t give a crap about reviews, but since all the reviews I’ve read for “In Your Honor” are GOOD, I thought I would share. I’ll have more up in a bit, but for now you can check out the review page.

And of course, today starts 24 hours of Foo Fighters on MTV 2 here in the states. I’m going to try and capture a lot of it for those who don’t have MTV2 or live outside of the U.S., because I CARE, dammit. Trouble is, when I start capturing things, I sort of get a little out of control and I figure I need to probably just put the pics in an online scrapbook or something. So I’ve set one up with Photobucket HERE. You can keep checking back through the day and I’ll be adding and adding.

And I hinted around the other day at joining up at our message forum because sometimes our really cool mods or our amazing community will post links to extra special things that they have created (video, audio). However, if you join up, take the time to become a functioning, posting person there. We love newbies and you’ll find the forum is a good place to hang out.

So, as I said before, keep checking our online photo album of 24 hours of Foo Fighters.


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