June 18, 2006

Jun 18

First things first: Hyde Park Photos HERE. For those of you who will ask me, sorry but there were no shots of the other guys in the band. If you have some Hyde Park photos and want me to post them, e mail them to me at Lisa@sweetparamania.com

If you’re through looking at the photos, I just want to let everyone know that I am trying to keep up with things around here, but we might not get as updated as quickly as we usually do. I started back to school this summer. First time I have stepped into a classroom in …. 17 years..? I am studying web and graphic design so maybe one day I can actually make this place look somewhat professional. Oh, and the first discussion in my first class was ‘you know those awful fan page websites where they steal all of the photos and they think it’s ok to just put them up…? That’s stealing..!!’ I hung my head in shame, but the show must go on, you know? :-p

Keep checking back for more Hyde Park stuff. I’m sure we’ll get more. Illegally.


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