June 22, 2009

Jun 22

Hi Everyone,

Sorry there hasn’t been much to update, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Since we last talked, my computer crashed so hard there was no saving it so here I am, speaking to you on my nice, new laptop and I’m happy to report all of my groovy software is installed and I can now update from here on out.

Also, like a true geek, I decided to upgrade my old phone to the new iPhone which meant I had to unload any photos I had snapped on my old camera phone if I wanted them saved and I ran across this picture:

I happened to go to New York City last November for my birthday (did I mention I go all out for birthdays??) and as a last resort my sister and I decided on lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Not because we thought it was kind of a cool thing to do; rather, we had walked up and down Broadway and our dogs were barking so we needed to stop and that was the restaurant we happened upon.

This photo was in a rather nice book they had on display and it would have looked bad had I pocketed the book, but whatever. I go to extreme lengths to bring you EXCLUSIVE Dave Grohl stuff.

As you can expect, I have slept some since the taking of this photo and all I remember is that he was signing the inside of some car for charity or something. I know – I really do go the extra mile when it comes to DG information, don’t I?

I want to really quick thank Linda in Seattle for helping me upgrade the forum here at the website – it’s up to code as they say and a little more security went along with the upgrade. All should be working fine. Thanks Linda – I heard you cursing my name on a daily basis. You are appreciated!

On a completely somewhat related note: Summer with no Foo = SUCK!!!!!

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