June 26, 2007

Jun 26

Hey – I’m back from California and the Foo Fighters / Police show at Dodger’s Stadium. My photos came out ok. It looks as if we were further away than we actually were, so I’m sorry they weren’t better. We also have some video. If nothing else, you can see most of it on the video screen. Also – that’s the girl next to my friend singing in the background(it was her camera so sorry about that).

I’m currently in the middle of my move to Boston, Massachusetts so hopefully once I arrive on Saturday, I can start getting back some sort of normal life and get back to paying some attention to this website. I don’t mean to neglect it, it’s just that life is nuts for me at the moment.

I’m also loving the blue Trini Lopez guitar, Dave. Here’s to Mr. Lopez.. a native of Dallas, TX too. 🙂


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