March 01, 2007

Mar 01

Happy March! This is the month that the Foos will be in the studio officially so hopefully we’ll be hearing something new soon! Also, we have added a few things here and there on the website. We have a Guest Book. Please sign it for me so that I’ll know what you want to see in the future, what you like, dislike about the site. We also have a “Dave with his Fans” page and I really do think it’s my favorite page. If you have a photo taken with Dave, send it to me and I’ll put it up with the others. Also, since Foo Fighters are opening for The Police at Dodgers Stadium, I know that there are some of you going. Let me know who you are. I will be there too and I’d like to put some names to some faces. We’re closing in on 3 years online, not to mention we’re about to have 10,000 hits.


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