March 01, 2010

Mar 01

Happy March. Can we get some better weather, please? I’m sick of winter.

Dave was at Milk & Bookies last night which is a literacy awareness event held in Los Angeles. Here are a few photos of him. They’re watermarked, but you get the idea. The funny thing is that the AP tagged him as “Actor Dave Grohl” so I guess that whole Saturday Night Live skit thing is really working out for him … you know, in case that music career doesn’t pan out.

Thanks to Karina & Caro for these

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Joe Cool in the glasses:

I got a lot of e mails & “tweets” from you kids asking me about THIS. Generally everyone was trying to figure out if they should somehow get out to The Echo to see Dave perform with SCREAM again. Fear not, Dave was not on drums last night. This is the original line up for SCREAM and if you remember, Dave was not an original member. Here’s where this gets interesting (for me at least). The group that opened up for SCREAM last night – The Holloys – had a guitarist by the name of Jon Gonnelli…also guitarist for Rye Coalition and currently The Black Hollies.. and he just so happens to be a really good friend of mine too so I wrote Jon last night and he assured me that this is the original line up and also I guess two of the members of The Holloys are really old friends with Pete and Franz Stahl and if you don’t know who they are, well then you need to do your Dave Grohl homework…and I’m very disappointed in you.

Thanks, Jon. 😉

One final thing for a laugh CLICK

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