March 16, 2010

Mar 16

I apologize for the lack of updates. To quote a certain someone, “Real life is so hard”.

So if you’ve been living under a rock, you haven’t seen this video which, if I do say so myself, is genius.



I’m throwing down the gauntlet and officially challenging Dave to a Coffee-off. You’re going down, Dave. I laugh at your 5 fresh pots a day. I’m an ex-Texan who moved to New England. Drinking coffee all day long is the only way I know how to survive the long winters here.

We’ll get Dunkin Donuts to sponsor (none of that fruity Starbucks crap) and there will be a few rules as well. No burping which means I win automatically and also I require 1 Mini-Moo creamer per cup. Maybe a sweet & low rather than sugar. We’ll do a pay-per-view and just sit around and drink coffee all day. We can sort out the other details if needed.

Not sure Dave will accept my challenge – he hasn’t accepted that Chess challenge that was issued towards him over at the Foo Fighters board a few years ago so you know… I’ll just go ahead and declare myself winner of the Coffee-off. I will be at the TCV Vegas show so maybe I’ll run into Dave at which time I’ll be a humble winner and buy him a cup of coffee. Or maybe we’ll hold the Coffee-off there.

Alright, on to other things….

Dave was a presenter at the 25th Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards and honestly, I don’t know what that is so forgive me. You can see some of the photos HERE. Thanks to our friend Caro who sent those over!

I like to call this one “Feeling no pain”. Ha ha! Good times.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Butch Vig will be producing the next Foo Fighters Album. You can read the article HERE.

Exciting, yes… but I’m still loving Them Crooked Vultures at the moment and will be sad if they go away. *frown face*

Also, is this where I put in a request for a B-side? I would be a super duper happy girl if we got a cover of Nik Kershaw’s “Wouldn’t It Be Good” because it’s one of my favorite 80s tunes and I’d love a version of Dave singing it. 🙂

Our friend Karina, who runs a Foo Fighters Brazil fan network on Orkut, sent over these photos of her friends with Dave. These were taken back in 2008 in Los Angeles and Karina says that the sign says “To all people from official Foo Fighters community.”

Dave with Julio and Ticiana

I’ll put these on the ‘Dave with his Fans‘ page. If you have your photo taken with Dave, send it to me and I’ll add it to the group.

Also, a little bit of a disclaimer for everyone. Please don’t waste your time (and mine) sending me links to the celebrity baby blogs online with paparazzi photos of Dave with his family. I’m not going to post those photos here. Those sites creep me out anyway and if you want gossip rag then I guess it’s a good thing those sites exist for you. This place is a site about Dave and what he does professionally (like coffee drinking), not personally.

Seriously. Coffee-off 2010.

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