March 20, 2011

Mar 20

Thanks to my friend, Linda, at IJL Designs, the website is now up and running and using WordPress. I think it looks great & I’m so thankful to Linda for her help, her design, and her encouragement!  If you are in the market for a professional website, take a look at Linda’s website – check out her clients and her testimonials and get in contact with her.  She’s truly amazing!

I also want to mention that I fought with Linda over sticking in that photo of me with Dave on the design. I didn’t want to – she did.  Looks like she won.  *shrug*

There are a lot of things that I am still learning so please let me know if you see errors or if something isn’t working correctly.  Also, we now have a commenting system so you can directly comment on each update. I have to tell you that this will be monitored heavily.  None of that Perez Hilton blog shit where 50 people comment ‘FIRST!’ and have nothing to contribute.  Please keep your comments strictly to the topic at hand.  If you’re just here to reply with an ‘lol’ or nothing of substance, I’m not going to approve your comment.  Remember that I have the final say – I’m sorry that it has to be that way, but I refuse to let this place turn into TMZ or whatever other tabloid rags there are out there.  You’ll have to sign up and provide a legitimate email address.  Thanks for understanding!

So now back to the subject and the reason why we’re all here…. Mr. G.

Caro sent in the following photos taken at the Woodie Awards at South by Southwest (SXSW) – from my home state of Texas… the ONE freakin’ time I miss SXSW not only do Foo Fighters show up and play their whole new album AND premiere their MOVIE, so does Duran fuckin’ Duran. I’m sick over it. Really. I don’t think I’ll recover.


Imagine my surprise when I checked my mailbox the other day and Juliette sent this lovely magazine over from England:





Lots of pretty pictures & articles…. a magazine for the nerdiest of nerds.








And oh yeah, this happens to be one of my personal favorite photos from the magazine:


Enjoy, my friends….and let me know your thoughts on the website!  Thanks again, Linda… and also, Elle for the bigger logo design! xo


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