March 22, 2005

Mar 22

How the hell did March slip up on us without updating things?

So let’s review:

The new Foo Fighters album is going to be named “In Your Honor”. And please, let’s not get in to the whole “it’s spelled with a ‘u'” argument because this is an American band and over here we spell Honor without the u. Deal with it! We had to sit through the spelling of The Colour and the Shape.

Speaking of the album name, you heard that information here first. Our friend Megumi from Tokyo totally spoiled the whole thing for Dave and Co. by translating a Japanese article where Dave mentioned that song, so take that! Don’t believe me? Check out the article which was posted here on February 2 of this year. (Just kidding, Megumi.. I’m sure Dave is thrilled you got that information to me to post for all us Foo ‘tards).

So some of the cooler radio stations in the world (*cough*) have decided to go ahead and play the new Nine Inch Nails single “The Hand that Feeds” (with Davie on drums). First drum beat? Yeah, I felt it in my knees and my toes curled up.. that’s how good it is. So go out and buy it for multiple orgasms or something. Release date is May 2 for Europe and May 3 for the U.S.

Also featured on drums… Dave!! Garbage has their new album coming out around April 12 and Dave drums on ‘Bad Boyfriend’. *Restrains self from making inappropriate comment*

If you sign up at our new and improved Message Forum, you can get the lyrics to Bad Boyfriend. I posted them over there. Plus the people there are really, really nice and it’s easy to carry on a conversation there without getting called names.

Ok, kiddies, that’s all for now.


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